Weleda Hand Cream 50ml

Weleda Hand Cream 50ml

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Weleda Hand Cream 50ml

Evening Primrose

Rich hand cream to rejuvenate and hydrate the hands.

Rich in evening primrose oil that smooths, macadamia nut oil to protect and lock in hydration, and Centella asiatica that stimulates natural collagen synthesis.

Promotes cell growth and reduces deep lines and signs of ageing, leaving your hands feeling soft to touch.

Sea Buckthorn

Delightfully fragrant weightless hand cream that protects hard working hands reliably from moisture loss and restores rough and stressed skin to become smooth and supple again.

Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream contains light sesame oil and precious sea buckthorn oil, which is rich in natural vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids.


This rich hand and nail cream hydrates and protects the over-exposed skin of the hands and supports the growth of healthy and beautiful nails.

With its carefully selected weightless formulation of beneficial ingredients such as precious calendula and viola extracts, the cream leaves even chapped skin noticeably smooth. Natural carnauba and wool wax protect fragile nails and fine almond oil keeps the cuticle well-cared thus supporting growth of healthy strong nails.

The refreshing scent of the citrus essential oil invigorates the senses.


This rapidly absorbed hand cream protects the sensitive skin of your hands. The very mild formula, with organic almond oil, reinforces the skin’s own protective function and therefore defends against exposure to the elements, delivering lasting moisture. Calms skin prone to irritation and leaves sensitive hands silky soft.

Vegan, pH-skin balanced. Clinically tested and dermatologically confirmed. Free of synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colourants, and raw materials derived from mineral oils.


Special care for hands in a non-greasy formula rich with antioxidants and organic pomegranate seed oil. Promotes skin's own renewal processes and protects hands from environmental influences that can cause the appearance of age spots.

Sesame oil, organic shea butter and pure natural plant extracts protect from moisture loss. Extract of golden millet, rich in silicic acid, stimulates structuring components of the skin providing it with firmness and elasticity.