Our Products

Brydone Wholefoods is your one-stop-shop for health and wellbeing, skincare and home essentials.

We try our best to give preference to products that are good for you and for our environment. 

Fresh Produce

We buy top quality produce, giving preference to:

  • Certified Organic 

  • If not Certified Organic, then Spray Free

  • Local growers

  • Seasonal produce


We buy top quality grocery goods, giving preference to:

  • Certified Organic 

  • Local Suppliers

  • No artificial preservatives or food additives

  • GE Free goods

  • Fair Trade goods

Health & Beauty Products

We buy top quality health & beauty products that are:

  • Non-Toxic

  • Contain Organic or Natural Ingredients

  • Made in New Zealand wherever possible

Cleaning Products 

We buy top quality products that are:

  • Chemical Free 

  • Biodegradable

  • Petrochemical Free

  • Phosphate Free

Baby Products

We stock products that are:

  • Certified Organic wherever possible

  • Chemical Free

  • BPA Free 

Feel free to explore our online shop and take a look for yourself!