Our Story

My name is Sue Smith and I'm the Owner/Director of Brydone Wholefoods. We opened in Oamaru in 2002. However, that was not the beginning. Our story originated back in 1984 with Lindsay and I raising our 3 sons on our 28 hectare Market Garden called Brydone Growers. The farm was owned by my family prior to this. 

Brydone Growers became Bio Gro Certified in 1995. We operated the land intensively, with a wide variety of vegetables distributed all over New Zealand. We had a small shop on site where we sold our vegetables locally, which eventually developed into the Brydone Wholefoods Store. In 2002 we purchased the old Totara Hall (previously a Community Hall built in 1890) which resided next to our farm allowing Brydone Wholefoods to expand and develop into the business it is today. 

We sold both Brydone Growers and Brydone Wholefoods in 2008, but bought the shop back in 2012. 

This is a family run business which is extremely special for Lindsay and I, but just as importantly, to assure you we are all committed to our core values of providing quality, nourishing foods and offering a unique experience.