True Blue Organics TLC Balm 30g

True Blue Organics TLC Balm 30g

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True Blue Organics TLC Balm 

TLC Balm, is a unique formula that blends Tea Tree Essential Oil, Lavender and Calendula into a naturally medicated ointment. The combination of True Blue Organics Tea Tree oil, home grown organic Calendula flowers infused in organic sunflower oil together with active manuka honey and beeswax sourced from the  wild West Coast, creates a unique and powerful synergy.

The fine Lavender angustifolia oil is produced in Taupo, New Zealand. The antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties of Melaleuca alternifolia oil combine with the traditional anti-inflammatory and healing action of Calendula. Active manuka honey is an effective natural agent against staphylococcus bacteria and has well documented wound healing properties.

TLC Balm is beneficial on dry, chafed, cracked or itchy skin, cuts, insect bites and minor burns, to decrease the inflammation of sprains, stings and bruises. It stimulates wound healing and eases pain. It is effective on impetigo, Athlete’s Foot, boils, acne and cold sores. It can be used to great effect as a rejuvenating night cream.

Available in attractive 30g and 50g jars

True Blue TLC Balm is a must have for your medical kit and makes the perfect gift to new mothers, anyone with sensitive skin and those who are searching for a safe and effective healing ointment.

True Blue Organics uses the word ‘balm’ on the understanding that it shares the same meaning as ‘ointment’ and ‘salve’. This is, according to reputable dictionaries: ‘a semisolid preparation (usually containing a medicine) applied externally as a remedy; for soothing an irritation; having a moisturizing effect.