Giovanni Super Potion Hair Serum - Ultra Moist

Giovanni Super Potion Hair Serum - Ultra Moist

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Giovanni Super Potion Hair Serums

Ultra Moist- For dry and damaged hair.

Anti-frizz binding serum that will tame frizz & flyaways. It actively re-bonds ends to help prevent splits and prevent future breakage thus ending the vicious cycle that causes frizz!

Protects hair from heat styling & keep your style safe from humidity.

Gives maximum shine and a polished finish to any style.

Use on dry or wet hair to smooth and defrizz.

Ultra Volume- for fine, limp hair

Use alone or to boost other 2chic products for serious volume!

Gives hair fierce fullness as it resists humidity and aid in frizz control and breakage prevention.

Reparing- For damaged, over processed hair.

With Blackberry and Coconut Oil.

Unique hair oil serum that smoothes and softens, taming frizz & flyaways.

Adds shine while enhancing colour, preventing breakage and split ends.

Ultra Revive- to nourish dry, unruly hair

With pineapple and ginger. 

Smooths away frizz, provides maximum shine with a beautiful finish, defends each strand from heat styling.