Giovanni Leave in Conditioner & Styling Elixir 118ml

Giovanni Leave in Conditioner & Styling Elixir 118ml

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Giovanni Leave in Conditioner & Styling Elixir 118ml

Available in 4 types:

Ultra Sleek- For all hair types

With Brazilian Keratin and Argan Oil.

Smooth every strand, seduce with shine, banish frizz, defend against split ends, safe for colour treated hair.

Ultra Moist- For dry, damaged hair

With Avocado and Olive Oil.

Revives even the most parched locks whilst improving hair elasticity and resilience. This elixir strengthens hair for style control as it softens and smoothes away frizz.

Hair is nourished with vitamins and omega fatty acids that help prevent split ends.

Repairing- For damaged, over processed hair.

With Blackberry and Coconut Oil.

Wonder elixir that restores natural elasticity as it strengthens hair for effortless style control.

Smooth away frizz and prevent split ends.

Ultra Revive- For dry unruly hair

With Pineapple and Ginger. 

A rare mix of vitamin rich pineapple juice and naturally moisturizing ginger root helps improve and protect your hair’s elasticity and nourishes dry, unruly hair.

This leave in conditioning and styling elixir will add shine and control.