Fogdog Premium Gluten Free Breadcrumbs 250g

Fogdog Premium Gluten Free Breadcrumbs 250g

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Gluten Free breadcrumbs are usually the by-product of baking gluten free bread. They are often bland and tasteless. Our Premium Gluten free Breadcrumbs on the other hand, are specially made for us by the same company who makes our Panko Breadcrumbs.

We wanted to create a tasty coating that would complement food. This specially formulated superior crumb is coarse and heavy, and when cooked produces a crunchy, tasty, golden coating. It rivals our Panko Breadcrumbs and leaves other Gluten Free Breadcrumbs for dead.

The whole family will enjoy this. Perfect for seafood, meat and baking!

Available in a 250g resealable pouch.

Cooking Directions

1. Dip your chosen seafood or meat into a bowl of beaten egg.
2. Make a bed of breadcrumbs. Crumb both sides evenly.
3. Heat a small amount of oil (I use Rice Bran) combined with a knob of butter until hot. Cook until golden and crispy on each side.... Beauty mate!