Ceres Organics Super Good Muesli - Blackcurrant & Vanilla 700g

Ceres Organics Super Good Muesli - Blackcurrant & Vanilla 700g

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Ceres Organics we believe that great products depend on great ingredients. Ingredients born out of soils that have been lovingly tended and dynamically cultivated to increase their vitality, fertility and inherent energy, hence producing crops with full-bodied flavours and maximum nutritional benefits. Then they process them minimally, without the use of ‘nasty’ synthetic additives, refined sugar or preservatives. This is how they’ve created their Super Good Mueslis.

For their Blackcurrant & Vanilla Muesli, they have combined the goodness of oats with ‘super’ ingredients including New Zealand grown blackcurrants, as well as buckwheat, coconut and flaxseed to deliver a breakfast treat that’s bursting with deliciousness, whilst providing a healthy dose of nutrients including protein, dietary fibre and antioxidants! Eat super and feel super with every tasty bite!

TIP: Soak for 10 minutes or longer for a nurturing, easy-to-digest muesli. Add your favourite milk, yoghurt and fresh fruit before serving.

Ingredients: Oats*, Sultanas*, Sunflower Seeds*, Blackcurrant Concentrate*, Linseed (Flaxseed)*, Buckwheat*, Coconut*, Brown Rice Malt Syrup*, Sesame Seeds* Coconut Oil*, Vanilla Extract* (*Certified Organic)