Ceres Roasted Seaweed 5g

Ceres Roasted Seaweed 5g

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Ceres Roasted Seaweed 5g

This crispy, paper thin snack is made with organic Nori sheets, the "green stuff" that holds sushi together. A superfood from the sea, Nori is nutrient-rich, besides being 'moreishy-delicious'.

Lightly roasted and seasoned with natural sea salt, this delicate seaweed snack provides 100% of the Recommended dietary intake (RDI) of Iodine.

Available in Plain, Mild Chilli and Teriyaki flavours. 


Ceres Organics


Seaweed*, Canola Oil*, Sea Salt (*Certified Organic) (Plain)

Seaweed, Sunflower Oil, Hot Pepper, Natural Sea Salt (Mild Chilli)

Seaweed, Rice Bran Oil, Teriyaki Seasoning (Teriyaki)