Transitional Almonds of Chile - Pre Packed 500g

Transitional Almonds of Chile - Pre Packed 500g

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Almonds are one of today’s most popular ‘super foods’. Besides being a good source of protein and dietary fibre, it also delivers a significant dose of omega-9 and a combination of nutrients that researchers believe to be the source of its health benefits. It is no wonder then that almond has become a staple in healthy diets.

With its delicious buttery flavour, almond can be enjoyed on its own, raw or toasted. They make a wonderful addition to salads and baked goods, providing a little extra crunch. It can be chopped, ground or shaved to suit any recipe requirement.

Available in 500g or 250g sizes from either Australia or USA origin (depending on what is available at the time to us. 

Supplier: Ceres Organics