What Does Organic Mean?

What is Organics?

Put simply, ‘organics’ is

  • the growing and harvesting of food without chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers

  • the planting of healthy seeds free from techniques of Genetic Modification and Genetic Engineering

  • the processing of foods without artificial preservatives or additives

  • the ethical and environmentally sustainable practices of farm management and food production

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Reasons to Choose Organic. 

There’s plenty of reasons to choose and support Organics. Organic farmers avoid using chemical pesticides, fertilisers and hormones during their production, and use quality soil to grow their food. This means that the food they produce is richer in nutrients and flavour.

Here are some other reason why we believe in supporting organic and natural foods: 

1. Organic production is a positive sustainable option for benefiting ourselves, our environment and future generations. Organic farmers avoid harmful sprays and pesticides which keeps these out of the soil, waterways and the air.

2. It supports local growers and communities by selling their produce locally at their shops and also farmers markets too. This can make healthy produce more available and affordable to families.

3. The welfare and fair treatment of animals is a priority and rural communities are united and empowered in the process.

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4. Farmers provide positive care for the environment by focusing on the long-term health of their land. It is a holistic approach to farming where the environment and the health of the soil is prioritised, including the surrounding flora and fauna.

In our Customers words

We recently held a competition to celebrate Organic Week NZ 2019. To be in the draw to win the Organic Fruit & Vege Hamper we had on offer, you had to tell us what you love most about Organics. Here is what some of you had to say:

“They taste so much better! And I also love knowing that I’m feeding my little one the best foods without any nasties!”- Casey

“Tastes fresh and delicious, is better for the Environment and for reducing plastic and I feel great eating fresh produce with no nasty sprays or chemicals.”- Rebecca

“The fact that they last so much longer in my fridge and the flavour is so much better”- Jenna

“Better for me and the earth!”- Danica

“Complete nutrition, the way nature intended”- Nicola

“Taste is outstanding and i love knowing the soil is nurtured too.”- Missy

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