Robbie Slice

On Friday Sue and Lindsay's (Brydone Wholefoods owners) youngest son Robbie got married to Anika, his high school sweetheart. It was the most magical day with the ceremony taking place down by the river at Sue and Lindsay's home in Waianakarua followed by the reception at the Moeraki Hall, with Moeraki being a place so special to the McLennan family.

In celebration of their nuptials (12 years in the making after all!) we're going to share the recipe for our Robbie Slice recipe, a crowd favourite! (Just like Robbie!). 

You can make it Gluten Free, but it is certainly not Dairy Free. It's a treat to be enjoyed!


250g gluten free rice biscuits. We use Arnotts Rice Cookies to make it Gluten Free. (If you don't need to make it Gluten Free you can use digestive or wine biscuits).  

100g melted butter

2 C walnut pieces

1 C sultanas

3 C long thread coconut

1 1/4 cakes chopped 72% dark chocolate

500g condensed milk


1. Crumb rice biscuits in a food processor then add melted butter. 

2. Press into tin lined with baking paper. 

3.  Mix walnut pieces, sultanas and coconuts together and add (warmed) condensed milk. 

4. Spread over the base and bake at 160 degrees celcius for 30 minutes. 

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