Organic Christmas Cake

Christmas is such a busy time of year, and people often put off making their Christmas Cake. Here is our simple recipe that will help you bake an uncomplicated tasty Organic Christmas Cake!

All of the dried fruit products we stock and use in this recipe are Certified Organic / non-GMO, wheat-free and sulphite free. 


  • 250g Butter

  • 1/2t Baking Soda

  • 1kg Mixed Dried Fruit

  • 1/4C Raw Sugar

  • 1/2C Water

  • 1/2C Rum / Sherry (or orange juice if you don't want to use alcohol)

  • Pinch Salt


Warm and melt the above ingredients over a slow heat, then turn off and leave overnight. 


  • 5 Free Range Eggs

  • 2 3/4C Flour (stoneground or rollermilled)

  • 1tsp Baking Powder

  • 1Tbsp Mixed Spice

  • Pinch Salt


1. Beat eggs until light and fluffy. Mix in fruit and then add dry ingredients. 

2. Bake in lined tin (24cm depending on how high you would like your  cake to be) at 100 degrees celcius for approximatley 4 hours or until cooked in centre. 

3. Leave as it is, or decorate by sprinkling icing sugar over top of the cake. 

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