Chocolate Truffles

Christmas recipes don't get much simpler than this! Truffles are such an easy tasty treat for Christmas time. Actually not only Christmas, as they are perfect for all year round! 

What we love about truffles is that you can use the same recipe, but put a different coating on the outside to provide some variation!


  • 250g good quality Chocolate (We use Trade Aid Dark Chocolate)

  • 200ml Coconut Cream


1. Melt together until well combined.

2. Leave in the fridge to set so the mixture becomes firm enough to roll into balls.

3. Roll into evenly sized balls

4. Roll balls into your coating options. Our favourite coatings are coconut, freeze dried fruit powders, nuts (especially pistachio!),and cacao powder. You really can coat them in anything!

This will make approximatley 12 depending on size. You can double or triple the recipe to get more yield! 

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