Benefits of Bone Broth

Bone broth is a nutrient packed drink that is loaded with collagen, which is great for the skin, gut and any connective tissue. It also contains many other healthy nutrients, including vitamins, amino acids such as (glutamine, glycine and proline) and essential fatty acids. The nutrient profile of Bone Broth has been shown to improve the immune system, boost detoxification and reduce inflammation. 

The gut is largely where our immune system resides and is linked to every area of our body including our brain. Modern studies have confirmed that glycine receptors have been identified on the outer surface of several different types of immune cells.  (1, 2). The effect is a dampening of the immune response, resulting in reduced inflammatory signaling molecules and oxidative stress that may reduce damage to lungs and other tissues. (3). 

Factors in everyday life contribute to the damage of our gut, upsetting the sensitive internal balance. Collagen provides the necessary building blocks to restore and repair the gut lining. This encourages the growth of good bacteria, keeping our immune system strong, and increasing our overall wellbeing.

We now have in store Meadow & Marrow Bone Broths. These are made by grass fed (and finished) cows, using only the best ingredients, concentrating it down into a magic little jar. This range has been proven to be the most advanced, nutrient dense bone broths in the world. Manufactured using their proprietary extraction method that delivers a more highly bio-available concentrate with 10x more collagen based amino acids and 16x more healthy fats per gram compared to traditional broths!

There is a range of flavours, and in store we have Natural and also AM Cleanse wich has added ginger, turmeric and apple cider vinegar! A great way to kick start your digestive system in the mornings.

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