Artemis for Winter Immunity

Protect the whole family this winter with trusted and scientifically researched plant wisdom from Artemis. They have developed a comprehensive range of effective health products that when used together, give you complete cover from winters ills and chills while strengthening natural immunity.

Pre-winter immunity defense

Use ViroGone or Virogone Concentrate (or Kids ViroGone for children), to build natural immunity before the onset of winter ills and chills. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
ViroGone is ideal to maintain immunity every day. And you can also use it for a rapid boost to your immune defences when you are out and about. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
With the potency of ThymeMed, a fresh plant extract of Central Otago Thyme, and Echinacea, you can be confident you are supporting your immune system only with nature's protective power. 

Throat repair

To soothe a scratchy throat, use Throat Repair as needed (6 years and up) along with ViroGone (or Kids ViroGone for children). Sip on Immuno Boost Tea (great for children too) throughout the day. 

Tight Chest

Use Chest Relief (or kids Chest Relief Day or Night for children). It helps clear the chest and airways of mucus and support relaxed breathing. Add ViroGone (or Kids ViroGone for children) for an additional boost for the immune system. 

Head discomfort

Use ViroGone and Immune Boost Tea to ease cranial tension. 

Early onset winter ills and chills

When under attack use ViroGone Concentrate (portable) due to its high concentration and Throat Repair as needed. Sip on Immuno Boost Tea all day to keep those ills and chills at bay. 

Children's ills and chills

Use Kids Chest Relief Day to help thin and clear mucus and relax little ones chests, and Kids Chest Relief Night to soothe and relax airways and breathing for a better night's sleep. Combine Kids ViroGone for immediate support against immune threats. 


To rehydrate use Immuno Boost Tea on its own or add some lemon for a plant powered winter tea that soothes your respiratory system and provides support for easing winter ills and chills. You can also add this to a drink bottle for you or your little ones for on the go hydration and support. Tastes wonderful and perfect for the kids!

Information provided by Artemis


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