More or Less Red Hot Chilli & Peppers Sauce 250ml

More or Less Red Hot Chilli & Peppers Sauce 250ml

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If you love hot foods then you probably love chilli sauce.

And there are literally hundreds of chilli sauces out there. Does the world really need another one? When we looked into the current available products what really struck us were a couple of things.

First the sweetness of a lot of them (and we all know what sweetness indicates) and second, the long ingredient lists containing preservatives and gums and other strange stuff like thickeners.

So we set about developing a chilli sauce with less ingredients, minimal sweetness, plenty of natural heat and a base of more good healthy vegetables (capsicum or bell peppers depending on where you’re from). And here it is. It’s red and it’s hot but it’s not red hot if you know what we mean.

You won’t regret it a few hours later and nor will your family and friends. It’s 90% vegetable (if you can call chilli and tomato vegetables!) and only around 160 kilojoules per 100ml. That’s around half of a lot of the well-known brands. And we’ve added no sugar. We just don’t think it needs it.

For chilli we’ve used a blend of New Zealand Cayenne and Thai Birdseye and at 20% it delivers a nice burst of heat against a background of capsicum and tomato but it won’t blow your head off. And it has a nice clean finish. You won’t have that oily, onion aftertaste that you get with some chilli sauces. So don’t hold back, knock yourself out. Have some more

  • 40% Capsicum
  • 30% Tomato
  • 20% Chilli
  • No added sugar
  • Lovely spicy, fresh flavour with no nasty after-taste
  • Only 16kj (less than 4 calories) per serve
  • Gluten free