Fogdog Original Easy Beer Batter 190g

Fogdog Original Easy Beer Batter 190g

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 - SeasNo flouring the fish/seafood

- Beer is now an ingredient - we don't muck around with water!

- No waiting time for the batter to react

- Shallow fry

- A crispy, light batter that cooks fast!


They're on the pack but here they are again!

1. Empty one sachet into a bowl. All of it.

2. Mix with enough beer until it is thick and smooth (that's about 130ml). That leaves plenty of beer - you know what to do.

3. It's ready to go! Cut the fish fillets into pieces, dry then add to batter. Heat at least 4mm of oil in a non-stick fry pan until very hot. Cook pieces until golden brown and crispy either side.