Daily Organics Kombucha Summer Flavour

Daily Organics Kombucha Summer Flavour

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Daily Organics Kombucha flavours are completely the product of how they brew. They have fine-tuned their recipes using the highest quality certified organic teas that are steeped together to make their unique flavour profiles. No altering is done at all after the fermentation is complete. It would be easier to make a large batch of plain kombucha with a low grade tea ad then flavour it after with juices, flavourings or stevia. But they're purists and they believe in the art of making true beneficial kombucha.


The Summer brew is a mellow blend of premium white and green teas accompanied with refreshing ginger & lemon, sweet on the nose with a delicate flavour that is refreshingly crisp.


Available only in season.


100% Bio Gro Certified Organic and contains NO Gluten or Dairy.


Available in 1L and 200ml sizes.