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Ceres Organic Classic Paleo 350g

Ceres Organic Classic Paleo 350g

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A little goes a long way when you’re paleo. No oaty fillers, it’s rich with nutritious nuts, seeds and a few sweet apricots. This classic organic blend will keep you satisfied while you conquer mountains (or the kids), smash that workout (or errands), and master mindfulness (or your inbox).

Whatever it is, let this breakfast fuel your fire and together we’ll fuel organic growing - respecting and enlivening our environments and people. Classic Ceres Organics.

Ingredients: Sunflower Seeds*, Pumpkin Seeds*, Almonds* 14%, Cashews*12%, Coconut*, Apricots* 8%, Coconut Syrup*, Sesame Seeds*, Chia Seeds*, Cinnamon* (*Certified Organic)