Ceres Black Chilli Beans 400g

Ceres Black Chilli Beans 400g

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Ceres Black Chilli Beans 400g

Ceres Organics Black Chilli Beans use only the good stuff – no chemicals, artificial ingredients or preservatives. They have taken organically grown black beans and gently cooked them in a mild chilli sauce, for a natural ‘homemade’ taste.

Quick and easy to prepare, you can enjoy this can of comforting deliciousness in just a few minutes. Just heat and serve! Awesome in Mexican treats like nachos or burritos, served with rice, or in other hearty dishes. 

Ingredients: Black Beans*54%, Water, Tomato*, Agave Syrup*, Corn Starch*, Salt, Red Chilli Pepper*, Onion*, Spices* (*Certified Organic).