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Pure Harvest Nature's Soy Milk

Pure Harvest Nature's Soy Milk

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Pure Harvest Nature's Soy Milk 1L

Soy milk is a protein rich beverage made from soy beans. Originating in China thousands of years ago, today it is commonly consumed throughout the world. This delicious beverage contains isoflavens and phytoestrogens from the whole soya bean, both of which are recognised for their health benefits. It is made without the use of chemically extracted soy isolates, and contains no additives, preservatives, artificial chemicals, stabilisers, cane sugar or vegetable gum. Plus, being gluten free, soy milk is ideal for people with gluten intolerance. With the addition of natural rice syrup it has a smooth creamy taste and is ideal on breakfast cereal, in cooking, and as an alternative for dairy milk.

Pureharvest specialises in the production of premium quality organic and natural food. They strongly support sustainable agriculture and organic farming, with a vision of a healthy and sustainable future. They believe that by consuming organic food you will contribute positively to your own health as well as the health of our planet. These processes help maintain the health of the food and the environment in which it is produced, and ultimately our own health.


Whole Soya Beans, Filtered Water, Rice Syrup, Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt