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Viola Organics Pure Essential Oil Tea Tree 12ml

Viola Organics Pure Essential Oil Tea Tree 12ml

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100% pure Essential Oils. These are only cold pressed or steam extracted essential oils - never solvent extracted. 

Uses: Inhalation and baths. Tea Tree Oil can be used to kill fleas on pets but is more commonly used as a deodoriser and antiseptic . Great in a footbath. Dab on cold sores. Diluted in water, it can be used as a mouthwash (not swallowed) to sooth ulcers.

Therapeutic effects: A strong disinfectant and antiseptic,it is ideal for skin complaints including athlete's foot, burns, acne, sores, mouth ulcers, thrush and warts. Also effective for many respiratory complaints.

Origins: Discovered centuries ago by the Aborigines in Australia who used it medicinally for treating sunburn and many bacterial/fungal infections, from ringworm to athlete's foot.