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Brydone Wholefoods totara hall

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Saving The Totara Hall

The feel of the Brydone wholefoods building brings you back to your young days when you went to your local hall for school functions.

Cooler being built was the best asset to the company. To be able to take produce straight from the feild and take the heat out on the same day within hours and display it for you to take home is unbeatable.
The chiller is kept at 8 degrees celsius as a optimum temperature.

We stock a large variety of product catering to a vast area of wants and needs. Products are not only organic it is also believed that a sustainable shopper is a good shopper with local growers support. One would say that small local growers take pride in what they produce in order to compete with larger producers.


The company started to grow in 2002 when the Totara Hall was closed down due to a mountain of work required. This was not a deterant for the team at Brydone Wholefoods, as Totara Hall was rebuilt in the school Sue and the team worked hard in laying a new roof and applying a bit of elbow grease to build the building you see today.

They originally were farming behind the Hall and achieved the recognition of bio-gro certified Market garden.


We are off the main highway south of Alma/Oamaru which is ideal for people as they are traveling to take something home and not be bombarded by lines and crowd